Accessibility Policy

We are committed to being a safe space for all gamers. To that end:

  • The convention space can be reached by a public elevator from the main floor of the hotel, and by stair-free exit to the parking lot. Wheelchair friendly entrances/exits will be displayed clearly on the convention map.
  • The ballroom is designed with aisles that are at least 5′ wide. (In practice there can be a variance of 3″-6″. Regardless, we will never create a ballroom aisle that is less than 4′ wide.) The smaller breakout rooms have less space to work with, but we will do our best to make those spaces navigable as well.
  • We will provide free attendance to helpers, assistants, translators, etc. upon request. Please email to arrange your passes.
  • We are open to any other accessibility requests that we have not yet addressed. Please email, or let us know during the checkout process when ordering tickets online by filling in the optional accessibility question.

A Denver Tabletop Gaming Convention