HexaCon 2019 will include space for board gaming, RPGs, miniatures, and train games.

We will have both open gaming as well as scheduled gaming. Your weekend badge gives you access to both with no additional costs.

We will also have a library of boardgames and RPG books that you can check out by using your weekend badge!

You can see the current list of events listed at

You will need a badge to play in games you sign up for as well as all open gaming. Once you sign in at (for any event, not just HexaCon), you can use that same sign in to add multiple “tickets” (individual events) to your HexaCon badge!

Want  to run games at the convention? See the instructions below!

For maps, check out the individual pages for:

Board Gaming

Role Playing Games


Train Games

Benefits of running games

You get to share your love and knowledge of a particular game!  You can also qualify for a free pass: 12+ hours of running games = weekend pass. If you can only do games one day, 4 to 6 hours = day pass for that day.

Or you could buy your weekend passes for only $25 (preregistration), which helps support Shiny Garden.

How to submit an event for HexaCon via

Note: Definitions, per tabletop.event’s usage: Convention is HexaCon; Events are the individual scheduled items happening at the convention.

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. If you already have a login from another event, you can use it here too.
  3. Once you log in, you should see a page with general information about the convention on the left and two buttons in your right, “Buy Badges” and “Submit Events”. (If you already had a log in, this page might be different).
  4. Click on “Submit Events”.
    It should also list any events you have previously submitted.
  5. Click on “New Submission”.
    From the drop down, choose if it is a board game, RPG, or miniature event that you are submitting.
    Then list a *short* title and brief description of the game/game session.
    Choose your first and second options for when you would like to run this event. Note that we are running 24 hours/day, so if you put 2 am on Saturday, I will believe you!
    Pick an age range. If it is open to all attendees, “All Ages” will do. HexaCon 2019 will be an ages 12+ event, so please do not add any programming under “Kids Only”.
  6. After you submit the event, you should return to the page with “New Submission” listed, and your now pending event submission will be there. You can edit it, make a copy (allowing you to create another similar event), or delete it.
  7. On the back end, we will see your submission and will be able to Approve it as is, Request changes from the submitter, or Decline it entirely. If changes are requested, you will receive an email and will need to log in, make the changes, and hit Update.
  8. Approved items will be listed with things like “Queued for Scheduling” or “Scheduled” with the time and location listed.
  9. If you want to know more about the layout of the convention, see You will also be able to see them on under Venue.

Thank you!

A Denver Tabletop Gaming Convention